How to cook toasted chestnuts for christmas!!

These are fresh chestnuts, in italy we only use very fresh chestnuts (these ones have just fallen from my tree!!) for toasting either they will not taste so good!!

Before toasting make a cut on the chestnut just as shown in the photo!! I used a knife, but watch out to not hurt yourself, they are very tough!!!

My dog wanted to show you how he cutted these chestnut!! :3

Ok let's start toasting our cutted chestnuts putting them in our fireplace just like this!! :)

After 5 minutes, I open up one chestnut (watch out it's very hot!!) and try it....mmmh tasty!!! :P Ps: you understand they are quite ready when their cut become bigger!!! :)

You can even use silver-plated paper (I dont know how it says in english!!) to toast the chestnuts, however the result will be the same!!

Obviously my dog wanted his part!!! :D

Thanx for watching and "buon appetito"!! :3

Watch the video: Nat King Cole - Chestnuts roasting on an open fire (January 2022).