How to wrap a christmas present

Gather supplies

place present in the middle of the wrapping paper

measure how much you need so that the present will be fully covered and cut the paper

flip the present over so that the top will be on the good side

fold over the first edge so that it is about in the center of the present and tape it down

take other side, fold over the edge a little bit and bring it over. then tape it down

cut off excess pieces from each side of the present (leave enough to finish the ends though)

fold the two sides in the middle so it makes two triangles

crease it so it will fold easier toward the side of the tape

fold over the piece and repeat on the other side

tape the sides down

take a piece of tulle long enough so that you can wrap it around the present, tie a knot, and still have it long enough. The amount left sticking out will be about how big your bow will be.

take a longer piece of tulle so that you can loop/fold it over about 3 times

hold it in the center of the folds and place it directly onto the knot of the tied piece

take the tied piece and make another knot over the folded piece of tulle

spread out your bow

place the name tag and your present is finished

Watch the video: How to Easily Wrap a Christmas Gift or Present Like Macys (January 2022).